Is a prescription mandatory condition?

Some goods accessible in Trusted Tablets are sold with a valid prescription. There are countries where a prescription is a mandatory condition that’s why we may require it. The prescription is also a guarantee for us that you have visited a doctor to specify the dosage.

We have accepted the prescriptions send over our email: prescription@morganpharm.com. The available format of such prescriptions is DOC, PDF, Photo. The prescription should be sent at the moment you submit an order.

How to order from Morgan Pharmacy

Trusted Tablets is an online pharmacy and has no conventional drugstore. All the orders are accepted online.

Our instruction includes the following steps:

  • select the product you need for treatment to buy by pressing the “Buy now” button;
  • select the quantity of product and the strength of the bought product;
  • press the “Checkout” button;
  • fill in the order information necessary to complete an order;
  • Choose payment method and submit your order. Once payment is done an agent will contact you.


What are your payments?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Cashapp, Western Union, PayPal, American Express and Bitcoin.

Do you offer discount?

Yes, we offer discounts. The second order is accompanied by a 5% discount. A 7% discount is granted when completing the third and further orders. We appreciate the comfort of our customers that’s why we offer free sample pills to every order.

Do you shop internationally?

Morgan Pharmacy ships the parcels international. The limitation is some countries in Asia. All the medications are dispensed from India.

Will order be shipped the same day i purchase?

All the products specified on the website are in-stock. It means that the composing of the order will take not so much time. The order will be processed maximum within 48 hours. In fact, there won’t be any delays.

Can my order be held at customs?

In any case of the order delay at the custom, you will be informed. There are cases when the employees decide to examine the parcels more carefully. But it is much more an exception than a consistency.

How much will i pay to reship my products?

There are no additional charges if your order is going to be reshipped. If something wrong happens with your parcel you are welcome to address customer support service and they will cope with your problem free of charge.